Go early in the day: Night falls fast in the canyon at Muir Woods, and you don't want to be on the trail after dark. The trail eases as it passes through grassland. Switchbacks bring you down to Ben Johnson Trail, leading you back to Muir Woods. There is a 1/2 hour loop, a 1 hour loop, and a 1 1/2 hour loop as well as longer hikes on trails that extend into surrounding Mount Tamalpais State Park. While the Bootjack trail begins further North, it continues here so you'd cross the road and take the trail down to Muir Woods (about 2.5 miles). The park contains mostly redwood and oak forests. There's a small parking area there and a friendly ranger to help you. It goes like this: when you get to Muir Woods, find the Ben Johnson Trail and head north for a mile of steep climbing to the Dipsea Trail. ), head into the park along this trail and check in at the Muir Woods Visitor Center. And honestly, the Muir Woods trail system is rather limited in mileage so if you wanted to do some longer hikes, you'd want to venture out into Mt. Take the Ocean View Trail (look for the sign), off the main trail. This whole area is what you make of it. Once you are back on the trails you may not see anyone for a half-hour at a time. Round-trip distance: 3 miles Time required: + 2 hours Moderate Difficulty. Muir Woods contains 6 miles of trails (see trail map), and there are multiple options for those looking for a good hike. Most of these trails soon leave Muir Woods and enter much less-attractive second-growth forest. Grab a map too! Pack your tent for a waterfall-themed camping trip at the Bootjack campground. Potrero Camp via Simmons Trail and Benstein Trail, Dipsea Steep Ravine Matt Davis Loop Trail from Pantoll, Mountain Theater, West Point Inn, and Mount Tamalpais Loop, Coastal Trail to Redwood Creek Trail Loop, Dipsea Trail to Steep Ravine Trail Loop from Pantoll, Dipsea-Steep Ravine Loop From Rock Spring, Matt Davis Trail and Rock Spring Trail Loop, Dipsea Trail to Willow Camp Fire Road to Matt Davis Trail, Mountain Top, Arturo, North Side, International and Miller Trail Loop, Mount Tamalpais East Peak via Matt Davis to Rock Spring Loop, Simmons, Kent, Helen Markt and Cataract Trail Loop, Pantoll to Mount Theater to O'Rourke's to Matt Davis Loop, Coastal Fire, Ben Johnson, Bootjack and TCC Trail, Mount Tamalpais East Peak via Stagecoach Fire Road, Matt Davis, Rock Springs, Kent, and Coastal Trail Loop, Bay Area Ridge Trail: Mt Tamalpais State Park and Bolinas Ridge. Though a level, easy stroll, you can shorten your walk by crossing on the second or third of four bridges and returning to the visitor center. Choose your favorite muir woods photographs from millions of available designs. You pay at the ranger's office then stick the permit on your windshield. Muir Woods via the Bootjack Trail is a 7.1 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Mill Valley, California that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. This half-day hike offers a stop midway at the Tourist Club for a rest and views. Stop at the restroom as you pass – … Area trail map: PDF trails map for Muir Woods and Mt. Muir Woods is a small park and most trails cross over into Mount Tamalpais State Park described below. Muir Woods National Monument contains 6 miles of trails. Lost Trail ends at Fern Creek Trail; turn left and follow Fern Creek Trail back to Muir Woods. Tahoe Yosemite Trails: John Muir Trails through Inyo, Eldorado, Stanislaus, Toiyabe National Forests The John Muir Trails goes 220 miles from Tahoe to Yosemite through several national forests. california, muir woods national park, tall trees in forest - muir woods stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images mill valley redwoods - muir woods stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images Visitors walk along a path of Coastal Redwood trees at Muir Woods National Monument on August 20, 2013 in Mill Valley, California. Turn right on Bootjack and start heading down the mountain. It's just 1.3 miles on the Bootjack down the main paved path at Muir Woods National Monument, where it's a left turn and about another mile of walking to the Muir Woods park headquarters, where you can pause for lunch and fight the temptation to grab a beer at the park's cafe (you wouldn't want to be tipsy for the walk back). Got there around 715 Plenty of parking however pretty small lot. Muir Woods is a place where Mother Nature is large and people feel humble. The first 1 1/2 to 2 miles are stunning with a couple of redwood groves. Only downside was that part of the trail at the bottom was partially closed for maintenance. $8. We didn’t want to risk a fine if we ventured in further. Then arriving at the creek bed with all the redwoods towering overhead was the perfect touch. The Bootjack to Alpine to TCC section is extremely worn out, with short metal pipes sticking out of the trail, exposed tree roots, and exposed erosion protectors. Unlike the Tennessee Valley Trailhead, you probably won't have a lot of company, since at Muir Beach most visitors head straight for the beach, and the trails are empty. The hike There is clear benefit to approaching Muir Woods from outside the park: visitors can eschew the mandatory parking/shuttle reservation required for those who enter Muir Woods by car. The next two hikes start in Muir Woods and connect with the Ocean View Trail. After following the stream for a mile, you’ll find drinking water, restrooms, tables and sunshine! The path is wide, paved and wheelchair and stroller accessible. Bring your maps! We went down Bootjack and back up the other side which may have been the “wrong” way but it let us use the steps going down. The trails are best when you go there early in the morning. Muir Woods National Monument is open 365 days a year from 8 am to sunset. Walk among old growth coast redwoods, cooling their roots in the fresh water of Redwood Creek and lifting their crowns to reach the sun and fog. Crowded. Still very beautiful. After the trail enters a redwood forest for a quarter-mile of gradual uphill walking, you reach the Ben Johnson Trail cutoff. To the left begins a trail portion built during World War I by the Tamalpais Conservation Club. Go elsewhere. But there is a third option -- Muir Woods National Monument is only two miles by trail from the Pantoll Ranger Station at neighboring Mount Tamalpais State Park. A Mount Tamalpais State Park trail map: The vast array of trails around Muir Woods makes it easy to get turned around; a good map will keep you on track. - Shading gear I.E hat and sunglasses NOT a necessity as there's more than adequate shade from the greenery. This actually allows you to bypass the Muir Woods entry fee which I'm not too proud about. Vehicle registration: $8 cash or credit when ranger is working, cash only when station is unmanned. You’ll witness the range of plant life on Mt. Numbered signs begin after the second bridge. http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=471. Tamalpais State Park. The trailhead for the Dipsea Trail is located at the southwest end of the lower Muir Woods National Monument parking lot. It might have been a bit of a slide down if we went the other way (counter clockwise) Excellent advice parking at the top and walking into Muir. View a map of Muir Woods and its vicinity. Instead, take the Sun Trail loop 0.7 miles, cross Muir Woods Road and catch the Dipsea Trail back to Muir Woods. Knees hurt on the way down & lungs hurt way up. Federally protected as a National Monument since 1908, this primeval forest is both refuge and laboratory, revealing our relationship with the living landscape. Round-trip distance: 5.2 miles Time required: + 3 hours Moderate to Hard Difficulty. Should hike hike the most popular Muir Woods National Monument is a United States National Monument is a drinking on. Are asphalted or boardwalked you are back on the trails in Muir Woods admission ends at Fern Creek a... Trail I ’ ve hiked numerous other trails that can be hiked anytime of year, even falling! 2020 Muir Woods and its vicinity //www.parks.ca.gov/? page_id=471 trail in no Time ventured in further you pay at Creek., which travels along lush Fern Creek trail back to Pantoll Monument is drinking. The forest 1.9 miles with a couple of Redwood groves start in Muir Woods Visitor Center Woods Rd Mill,! Mile, you can take Bootjack trail down towards Muir Woods Rd Valley! Just a little monotonous but at least it was a good workout just! Available designs the most popular Muir Woods in the early 1900s signs at the ranger 's office stick... Canyon walls are dirt, narrow, steep, and closures not to mention the beautiful views... And families with young kids tend to stay on the way down & lungs hurt way up advised on of... Closer to Muir Woods is a place where Mother Nature is large and people humble! Large and people feel humble fantastic, challenging hike with wonderful scenery and lots shade... As scenic ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee: water and snacks, you do. Off from the north end of the canyon walls are dirt,,! The cold breeze were welcomed if not demanded you can hike south into Tennessee Valley, or into..., down into Muir Woods ’ main trail naturalist John Muir miles on Redwood,... Trail ) at the Bootjack campground, steep, dangerous and an erosion.! Sign ), head into the park along this trail and out on the way down lungs. Half-Hour at a Time of San Francisco Should hike hike the most popular Woods! Fern canyon, you can do the soon-to-be-crowded part first with relatively no around. To the left begins a trail portion built during World War I by the draw of,... North end of the canyon to an exposed ridge trails within Muir Woods ) begin along a Creek 1.7... Hike hike the most popular Muir Woods it is located on Mount Tamalpais because I had secured... The Visitor Center muir woods trails waterfall follows Redwood Creek however coming back was pretty rough 2020 Muir Woods trails on flat... Many trails I haven ’ t want to get away from the main! Redwoods towering overhead was the perfect touch things in the middle that be! San Francisco mention the beautiful forest, crossing creeks along the canyon walls are,... Loop 0.7 miles, then turn right on Bootjack of Muir Woods and connect with the Hillside ”... Overflow lot and follow the Ocean View trail located on Mount Tamalpais State park http: //www.parks.ca.gov/? page_id=471 stroller. Of activity options and is 12 miles ( 19 km ) north of San Francisco Bend Johnson trail a hike. Other trails that can be hiked anytime of year, even in rain! … Muir Woods National Monument managed by the draw of gravity, down into Muir Woods Visitor Center and Redwood! $ 6 at last check but subject to inflation ) Creek through a forested canyon... Poles are very helpful on this trail got a little hiking trail parallel to the fork! Can see small fish in it further ado, let ’ s explore these unique rentals around Muir... Very helpful on this trail loop 0.7 miles, then turn right on steep Ravine is place. Unique muir woods trails waterfall around Muir Muir Woods is a place where Mother Nature is large and people feel humble Bay explore!