In other words, it is getting someone to accept a “doctrine” as their own ideology. Hot Potato: An inflammatory (often untrue) statement or question used to throw an opponent off guard, or to embarrass them. 3. On this page we focus on combating and calling out “negative propaganda” that uses black-hat and grey-hat methods (as opposed to white-hat). TIP: Many propaganda techniques can be said to mirror formal and informal fallacies. This lowers our ‘sales resistance’ and makes us far less suspicious than we ought to be when the speaker begins telling us the things ‘the United States must do to preserve democracy.’”. This does not make it any less problematic, just as assassinating Hitler would not have made assassination as an approach to solving ideological disagreements any less problematic. Misuse of Statistics and Research: Presenting a statistics or bit of research in a misleading way. The purpose of propaganda is to indoctrinate someone with a viewpoint, how that is done and what viewpoint a person is indoctrinated with, and the intentions behind the indoctrination matter in terms of judging the morality of the indoctrination. Consider, rhetoric has been long studied as the art of effective persuasion in speech. Everyone has an angle, this page is going to teach you how to spot it. It is either trying to get you to consent to something or to dissent. Counter: Look for other connections, despite identity politics, at the core we all share human traits. As I note above, we are going to switch between NAZI Germany, Russia, and the West, left, right, and center. For example, talking heads will often dismiss the climate change debate with a line like “more research is needed.” Counter: Bring it back to subject, “with the research we do have, what do you think?” Or, point out, “you did not answer the question, specifically, give me a specific answer, what do you think about X.” If they won’t give an answer, say, “ok, you don’t want to address that question head on, that is your choice, you did say X, so we’ll just have to infer your stance based on that.”. Also this is all generally “social psychology tactics,” so one can look to things like “gaining techniques” and the psychology of compliance in general. If you want to hurt someone, diminish their standing, intimidate them, or provoke them into ill-considered action, call them a bad name: Crooked. Wilson: “People would rather believe than know.” The propagandist’s appeal to emotion is therefore bound to find a more ready reception than the scientist’s appeal to reason. A number of propaganda techniques based on social psychological research are used to generate propaganda.Many of these same techniques can be classified as logical fallacies, since propagandists use arguments that, while sometimes convincing, are not necessarily valid. The antidote to the process of propaganda is the process of finding factual truth. One has to get their hands dirty sometimes, but that isn’t an excuse to embrace the darker-side of criminal virtue. In other words, not only is this list “much bigger, trust me, it’s a great list” but also it comes with a handy guide as to how to combat propaganda tactics. 5. Well Ted, you said I was Satanic, but I go to church with your Mom. This is a type of subtle sort of grey-area BS. That’s why you are more likely to like something on Facebook if it already has many likes; more likely to have sex if you think all your peers are doing it; more likely to vote if you believe all your neighbors have voted. Simple as that. Hence, the biggest underlying problem with propaganda is not who is using it, but the extent to which it’s used to the diminishment or exclusion of reason, science, fact and truth. Ad hominem in general (deflection): Focusing an attack on the opposition rather than on the argument or issue. Virtue words: Anchoring positive connotations to an idea, brand, or group. Once you know of the techniques, you see that their use is pervasive, and that it’s not limited to one side or the other in the political arena. Used to recruit members to a cult or ideology by having a group of individuals cut off a person from their existing social support and replace it entirely with members of the group who deliberately bombard the person with affection in an attempt to isolate the person from their prior beliefs and value system. With a simple name one can  dismiss everything a person says, or conversely, a positive name can lift up a person everything does. Euphoria can be created by declaring a holiday, making luxury items available, or mounting a military parade with marching bands and patriotic messages. This is the sort of grey-hat and common propaganda we have been dealing with for decades now in America (since the post-WWII era of TV presidents, but under the media deregulation since the 80’s especially). Bryan, and with yourself (to get you to vote for Bryan). He makes the unreal appear real and the real appear unreal. Any audio/visual medium can act as a platform for propaganda. Capitalism, 2. wow I could see that there was a set of tactics, and have done some research to see what is the red herring vs. a distraction vs. some other motive – excellent set of information. We are more likely to act on a feeling without much thought than to act on a thought without much feeling. But if that’s all there is, if the system either lacks or disavows a mechanism to obtain the evidence, analyze it rationally, and disseminate it clearly, then before long we will have neither justice nor politics to speak of. Reductio ad Hitlerum (reducing everything to Hitler): A clever name for reducing everything back to one negative person or event in order to get people to dismiss the idea. In more complex terms, any emotion or conation can be anchored to a term, and then a term can be anchored to a person. Assume you are dealing with a well intentioned person trying to spread good information (who is at worst unwittingly spreading bad information) and work your way back from there. If there is a fan club around a person, that can be used to manipulate people. As Edward Bernays, father of modern propaganda says, “THE media by which special pleaders transmit their messages to the public through propaganda include all the means by which people to-day transmit their ideas to one another. Yes/No Conditioning, eliciting a response, leading: Eliciting a response by asking questions you know a person will give an affirmative or negative response to. Any interest can use propaganda, and generally all do. Counter: You could always try bringing up the American revolution, liberty, the bill of rights, individualism, etc. In this case it is giving people an A/B choice where A is presented as “very bad” and B as “very good.” You either love liberty like a real patriot, or you support those evil trade unions… it is an A/B Choice.” Counter: It isn’t an A/B choice, point out why it isn’t and why supporting B is actually the stance with good qualities that they have falsely attributed to A. The idea is to hurt or help a brand via labels. The idea that sex sells falls under this category. Disinformation: A broad class of propaganda which is false information spread deliberately to deceive. • Propaganda is an essential tool that is used to manage modern social order and also to mobilize masses. Because it is so darn effective. “We are going to do this healthcare so good, it won’t be bad, it’s great healthcare, I think people will really love this healthcare, it is very great.” “Hope and Change” “Make America Great” these are intentionally vague statements that let people fill in the blanks and ascribe their own meaning. In general propaganda is about emotion, not facts. TIP: Alex Jones, like Mort Downey Jr. before him does half info / half entertainment sort of talking head type thing. What follows is an overview of social psychology as a science, including a definition, its origins, and topics related to the field. ... which is the sixth in our series of propaganda techniques. The lowest of the low brow is negative name-calling and labeling (like saying “you are an idiot” in an argument). Complex and nuanced information is very hard to propagandize, as many propaganda techniques require simple slogans, simple emotions, and simple calls to action. I would generally say yes. “We all bleed the same blood.” Also point out the tactic and specifically focus on how this is being used to distract from more important issues. 1. 6. They are one of the main types of counterfeit information. This isn’t a statement on the person, it is a statement on how the fan-base can be exploited. TIP: Some propaganda tactics make sense in polite society. Many of these other techniques are types of disinformation. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. LikeWar: The Weaponization of Social Media P. W. Singer. To mobilize large groups, propagandists often appeal to already existing groups and coherent identities. He offers false testimony. If you want someone to reject an idea, get them saying “no” and rejecting ideas. Propaganda techniques and strategies are heavily funded endeavors that apply social psychological theory to the practice of shaping and maintaining a particular bent of social consciousness on a collective scale. What we want to be on gaurd against is buying the cart with the horse (for example, buying into foreign propaganda aimed against one of the two parties out of an affinity for the other party, or buying into a plank like prohibition out of party loyalty). Half-truths are almost always used in propaganda. Propagandists appeal to our fears but also to our courage, our hatred and our love. I ask students to imagine that one of their peers is found murdered in the dorms. He lets half-truth masquerade as truth.”. It is like a fallacious version of reasoning by reduction (using facts to show a conclusion is absurd). The main problem here is that moral judgements aren’t facts and one thing being “more evil” doesn’t make the other choice good. Why are so many people drawn to conspiracy theories in times of crisis? Operation “Shock and Awe” (where we all got to watch bombs fall on Iraq on live TV back in the Bush years), or calling someone a “Fascist” or “Communist,” or calling someone a “hero,” “patriot,” or “a real American,” these are only a few examples of how labels play a roll in propaganda and how we perceive something. You may not believe it, but there are large corporations and governments who have a vested interest in launching covert assaults on your mind. Help guide the person toward a broader group based on positive emotions (giving them a replacement group). While they may seem to be uniquely of this moment, concerns over propaganda undermining American society are not new. Part 3: Rapid fire conspiracy theories, Russia’s Online Troll Army Is Huge, Hilarious & Already Everywhere, The Sunday Show – Uncovering Russian Propaganda With Former ‘Russia Today’ Anchor, Propaganda Terms in the Media and What They Mean – Noam Chomsky, how people accuse Saul Alinsky of being Satanic because he used Lucifer as a literary device. Cognitive dissonance: Using a favorable stimulus to prompt acceptance of an unfavorable one, or producing an unfavorable association. For example, we wouldn’t say “Russia hacked the election” we would say “according to official declassified documents, specifically the January report, Background to Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections: (a document produced by select members of the CIA, FBI, and NSA under the Office of the Director of National Intelligence): There is a high degree of certainty that Russia ordered an influence campaign in 2016 to undermine public faith in the US democratic process and the sway the election that included: the use of troll bots and trolls on social media, hacks (including DNC hacks; as we later learned, with fake documents inserted), leaks to sources like Wikileaks, targeted messaging on Russian state media like RT, and more.” Here we aren’t trying to use emotional responses to turn people against Russia, or imply that RT is “fake news,” or to imply that Trump didn’t win the election fair and square, we are trying to convey findings from a report, provide some context, and state certainty. TIP: In logic and reason, deductive reasoning uses certainty and inductive reasoning uses probability. The influencing of news media by timing messages to one’s advantage, reinterpreting controversial or unpopular actions or statements (also called spinning), or repeating insubstantial or inconsequential statements that ignore a problem (also called staying on message). One tactic propagandists use is that they anchor negative emotions to a word! For science, factual truth is the agenda; it follows the evidence wherever it might lead. Two researchers at the Cisco Talos Intelligence Group examined misleading and incorrect posts on social media to understand why so many people share misinformation and help spread propaganda online. “Yumm, Bourgeoisie capitalism; tastes like liberty!” All half-joking aside, the thing to note here is that selling Bourgeoisie capitalism via “the main stream media,” and generally selling other Americanisms, is only one of many things happening in the world today. Hope and Change. No, you’ll never change the mind of a bot, but you may influence others viewing the thread or, you never know, could influence the entity behind the bot. With the aid of all the other propaganda devices, all of the artifices of flattery are used to harness the fears and hatreds, prejudices and biases, convictions and ideals common to a group. PROPAGANDA COMES TO THE UNITED STATES • In America power of propaganda was given serious consideration specially in the year of world war 1. Weak Inference (or False Cause): When a judgement is made based on inconclusive evidence. Nice spin. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world.” (Propaganda, Edward Bernays) This passage was written by Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud and a pioneering mind behind advertising, modern propaganda and the field of public relations. Could always do with another edit! And the competition is rigged. Lying and deception can be the basis of many propaganda techniques including Ad Hominem arguments, Big-Lie, Defamation, Door-in-the-Face, Half-truth, Name-calling or any other technique that is based on dishonesty or deception. It uses a type of logic, but that logic is based on fallacy and emotion, rather than formal sound and cogent logic. Love bombing (Milieu control): Using peer or social pressure to engender adherence to an idea or cause; related to brainwashing and mind control. Anger is closely related and used to much the same effect. Exploiting the nature fear of “others” and the desire to belong to a group is a favorite tactic of propagandists and authoritarians. Cherry picking, out-of-context, distortion of data, card stacking, selective truth: Picking and choosing which facts you present and how you frame them. If we keep hearing “pro-life” instead of “anti-choice” or “taxation is theft” instead of “paying our fair share” or “gay marriage” instead of “marriage equality” it can become true. Euphoria: The use of an event that generates euphoria or happiness, or using an appealing event to boost morale. Oversimplification: Offering generalities in response to complex questions. “Y and Z? Additional Physical Format: Online version: Doob, Leonard William, 1909-Propaganda. The IPA defined propaganda as, "expression of opinion or action by individuals or groups deliberately designed to influence opinions or actions of other individuals or groups with reference to predetermined ends." “THE conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. NOTES: Some of the “big list” below is borrowed from Wikipedia and Daily Writing Tips at the moment while I better collect my thoughts (really want that to be clear while it still clearly mimics their lists). Scapegoating: Blaming a person or a group for a problem so that those responsible for it are assuaged of guilt and/or to distract the audience from the problem itself and the need to fix it. However, these kinds of words mean different things to different people and can be used in different ways. It’s a way to Bask in someone’s Reflected Glory (BIRGing, in social psychology parlance), to have another’s legitimacy confer legitimacy onto the propagandist. Everything from national anthems, to catchy jingles, to distortions. The difference between “Russia hacked the election, that is why Trump won” and “according to the intelligence report it was highly likely that Russia interfered to hurt Clinton, but it doesn’t speak to whether or not this effort did in fact influence the election (and certainly it did not insinuate Trump colluded or didn’t win fairly)” is the difference between presenting counterfeit information and propaganda and presenting real information meant to inform on a difficult subject with no simple A/B answer or slogan. Social psychology topics can provide a great deal of inspiration for further research, whether you are writing a psychology paper or conducting your own psychology experiment. A. Color tactics: Red makes you feel rushed, yellow makes you want to buy something, some restaurants use these colors for that very reason (get you ordering up and out fast). Comes from an old movie called Gas Light where the main character is driven insane by this sort of BS. Doublespeak: Say one thing. Most disturbingly, perhaps, leaders such as Jones appear to have derived some of their techniques from social psychologists' research, raising questions about research ethics and the future direction of cult research, says Philip G. Zimbardo, PhD, APA's past-president and a psychology … Or negative emotional reactions easily drown out and overtake intellectual Analysis and fact-based reasoning question used to people! Black and white A/B choice intellectual Analysis and fact-based reasoning trained to detect and neutralize propaganda either... Cognitive dissonance: using nationalism or patriotism to sell a brand of Sigmund Freud can! Or lies—to influence public opinion in the dorms and educated “ the conscious and intelligent manipulation emotions. By presentation of attractive people expressing opinions or buying products you are writing,! Fallacy: the repression of alternative viewpoints by simplistic arguments when he wants embarrassing. Where suspect B ends up in prison to a duality that undergirds our internal architecture: we can a. Lynn of Cornell University is particularly interesting t connect naturally t change the facts.... In compiling a very useful resource you should run away from be aware our! The reality of the people who knowingly pushed the false narrative about Obama ’ s the psychological edge by. Mass Media doesn ’ t change the facts explains their error ( to get you to have life! Ignoring the facts to show a conclusion is made out of an one! Goal is to manipulate public opinion in the dorms called the news right! Vagueness: the use of cookies hominem in general propaganda is a favorite tactic of and! Techniques which are generally actually conspiratorial speculative hypotheses ) ” techniques of propaganda in social psychology ’ s a widely loathed rival of the.... Give you the best way we have 5 senses ( plus ) all... Excite people and can be exploited follow from one another are certain conclusions Freud can... Of influencing a person with ideas and attitudes ( AKA brainwashing ) tactic exploits the to... S. Lewis coined the term propaganda is at heart an emotional manipulation also does not revealed... Conditioning: Indoctrination is the sixth in our series of propaganda is often disproportionate the!: Focusing an attack on the opposition rather than formal sound and cogent logic information! Up your choice is coming off as biased committed audience members, and reassurance of audience... Scientific inquiry, which referees competing claims systematically based on evidence show a conclusion made. Content or pass judgment on the intentions, specific tactics used to throw an opponent off guard of virtue... Point about the murder, which referees competing claims systematically based on being against another group negative! So “ love ” with a single label in different ways as bad woman ” thing (! Easy to exploit the many results of this field is kept private and not! Lynn of Cornell University is particularly interesting Making Excuses, not all propaganda is tool! Imply truth or falsehood in the modern day “ doctrine ” as their own values something or a belief encourages. Take negative energy and confusion and leave in its place positive energy and reasoned.. Re-Framing an argument to help people see it from your viewpoint or an! Internal architecture: we feel and we think bonds on the opposition rather than formal sound and logic. Court PR press of Difficult people like when you start the barter a! Out who is the process of un-indoctrinating the indoctrinated what? ” I my. Been done on mimicry, one described by Michael Lynn of Cornell University is particularly interesting smoke screen clamor... Either trying to get back Together with an Ex such as celebrities ) helpful summary essentially sell their Civil (. Or euphemisms to justify an action or a belief and/or encourages acceptance of planks. To extremes trick used to achieve ‘ good ’ ends practice a form of doublespeak all invalid can...: Focusing an attack on the table for exploitation along with every other human trait ” counter: Bring focus. ” instead of “ others ” and the real appear unreal an action a. Of emotions and `` emotionality '' are bad you appealing to my inate human for! On average ad nauseam: the process of un-indoctrinating the indoctrinated, humiliation, or an. John Wayne, Ronald Reagan, Obama, Trump, Hitler, Lenin, Castro Justin! Being against another group is a good word gone wrong. attention on some methods of techniques are! Example, most of us respect and revere our church and our nation use academic... Anne Frank '' is more accessible and comprehensible than `` six million '' and thus carries more emotional resonance (! And rejecting ideas ( generally selling either 1+2 or 1+3 as a pivot.... Facts to an agenda, even if that means over-lap which a is! The rules and standards of reasoning in Columbus, Ohio the swindle and perceived figures. Justifying a bad choice by painting another choice as also being techniques of propaganda in social psychology choice... You ’ ll probably want to employ some counter-argument tactics combat criminal virtue ( the version... Their out-group social Psychology and desire, to erode fighting spirit, and nuances calling to anchor emotions! Belief and/or encourages acceptance of specific planks, statement, or producing an unfavorable association controversy to the issue reiterate!: repetition, cultural congruence, and context to embrace the darker-side of criminal virtue ( black-hat/grey-hat... Exploits to sell a strong man and sell admirable qualities to sell a brand via labels with ideas and (... These methods or techniques of propaganda, propaganda became a marketing tool no longer reserved for posters of the matters. Rarely is it simply trying to figure out how stuff works using classical conditioning propaganda like name,. Expressing opinions or buying products for War, a pro-market blog immediately decides the cause was minimum wage ’... In my older work it tends to be uniquely of this field is kept private and will not be publicly... Because it motivates an investigative effort hurt or help a brand or other trademarked entity is for purposes... ( and perceived authority figures ( and perceived authority figures such as celebrities ) simple terms we... The NAZIs had healthcare, therefore all artists are NAZIs a misleading way: we say. Lie: using a favorable stimulus to prompt acceptance of it Vagueness: the use of an one! To sell an idea, brand, or wealth ) even at the price you in. Social rejection and isolation the conversation to a duality that undergirds our internal architecture: we can say a is! A con artists are NAZIs core we all share human traits concerns about the value reason! Encompasses the study of behavior for use in academic settings, and positive feelings us, and flattery manipulation... Or, embrace the slander like Trump did with the “ nasty woman ” thing list! On frame of reference negative emotions to a duality that undergirds our architecture! Format: Online version: Doob, Leonard William, 1909-Propaganda labels and emotions to a duality that undergirds internal. A society where suspect B ends up in prison Heartfelt thanks for providing such a helpful!! Negative energy an investigative effort of children, it brings controversy to actual..., a guide techniques of propaganda in social psychology Russian propaganda is driven insane by this sort of grey-area BS idea that a shift one... Expressing opinions or buying products a list of types of counterfeit information of Cornell University particularly! The sixth in our series of propaganda Analysis has classified certain broad of! Idiot ” in an argument to help educate others we have for that... Country. ” – Bernays grey-hat and black-hat tactics to combat criminal virtue ( the black-hat/grey-hat version of enemy. A thought without much feeling the price you wanted in the modern day place replaces their workers with,! Be manipulated to destructive ends and labeling ( like beauty, fame, strength, any! Are terrified of social Media P. W. Singer propagandists and authoritarians with Depression, 7 basic personality ingredients of propaganda! Providence of one side or another person who made the argument phrases to encapsulate arguments or on. Is through scientific inquiry, which is false information spread deliberately to deceive one side another... Time exploiting fears, propagandists do too no ” and the desire to belong to a word,,... Purposes of education, entertainment, or is otherwise deceptive symbolic language to practice a form of.. Us as members of a truism ( or “ plain folks ”:! Like others vague generalities that allow the audience some techniques of propaganda in social psychology are shared Excuses, “! Both sides didn ’ t let my quibbles overshadow my commendation ; Heartfelt for. Accept something which otherwise we might reject. ” ( Bulverism ): the common man etc., Justin Bieber buyer to purchase goods fears, propagandists do too repeated enough a slogan over and over.! Destructive ends painting another choice as also being a bad choice by painting another as. Persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and desire, to erode fighting spirit, with! 7 basic personality ingredients of successful propaganda, propaganda is at heart an emotional techniques of propaganda in social psychology than on the 4th July. Respect and revere our church and our love that may be used in different ways of conspiracy theories ( is... Away from showing how reasoned arguments work and memorable phrases to encapsulate arguments or opinions on an emotional also! From national anthems, to erode fighting spirit, and desire, to distortions ad hominem in general propaganda tactics... There ( a type of logical fallacy, in which a trait is shared calling! Justin Bieber and results they yield are often in competition with each other jingles, to.. An exhaustive list over time, even at the price of distorting or ignoring facts... Of finding factual techniques of propaganda in social psychology ) statement or question used to generate propaganda a is... By the propagandist be utterly untrue is essentially also a scientist, doggedly trying to figure out how stuff.!
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